How To Make A DIY Rocket Stove Out Of Mud

I make a dirty version of my DIY rocket stove using mud. The mixture of clay and sand, called cob, is a more environmental alternative to concrete.

Watch part 2: Firing the Mud Rocket Stove:

I'm using the same forms I used for my concrete rocket stove, a 5-gallon bucket, 4 inch PVC, a half-gallon milk jug and pizza boxes. And I'm hoping this rocket stove will perform on par with its concrete counterpart.

The clay and sand were found materials and therefore FREE! And since I had the forms on-hand, this stove cost next to nothing to make. You can see my concrete rocket stove build here:

Clay (dig it up in your yard)
Sand (coarse is best, check out your local creek)
3 Bolts or large nails (3-4 inches long – watch part 2)
5 gallon bucket (will be damaged)
4-inch PVC pipe (less than 2-feet)
Half-gallon milk jug (filled with water)
Wire fence or mesh

Measuring tape
Marking device
Tarp or shower curtain liner
Two bare feet (willing to get muddy)
Garden trowel
Tamping stick(s)
Smoothing board
Wire cutters
Hand saw

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