How To Make A DIY Worm Tower

I make a simple DIY composting worm tower using 4 inch PVC pipe, window screen and a 4 inch PVC coupling. A worm tower goes directly in the garden and provides a habitat for your red wiggler composting worms. Feed them with your kitchen scraps and coffee grounds and they'll convert these "waste" products into organic fertilizer for your garden.

For my worm composters I use worms purchased from Uncle Jim's Worm Farm. Uncle Jim will give you a 10% discount on your online purchase if you use the coupon code "greenshortz" at checkout. website:
(disclosure: I don't make money from this...they just deliver a great product)

Materials Needed:
(1) 2 foot length (or so) of 4 inch PVC pipe
(1) 4 inch PVC Repair coupling (note: a regular coupling will be cheaper, but tighter. You'll want to sand it out a little)
(1) 5 x 5 in square of window screen

Tools Needed:
Hand Saw
Drill with spade or forstener bit
Scissors or box knife (to cut screen)
Sand paper
Clamp (it helps with the cutting)

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