How to make a high voltage generator just for 15 minutes

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Accident prevention:
Major emphasis should be placed on using the circuit. It's always under high voltage and discharging of even one condenser can be deadly. You should be at a long distance from the circuit when switching it on. Because the electricity can reach you even if you are 20 or more centimetres away from it. After every switch you should always discharge the condensers (even those ones that are on the TV) by a well grounded wire.

It's a good idea to take all the electronics away from the room where the experiment will be held. The discharge makes intensive electromagnetical pulses. A cell phone, keyboard and a display that are shown in our video now fail to function and are really beyond repair! Even my gas-fired boiler in the next room doesn't work now. Good afternoon dear youtube viewers. In this video I am going to tell you about how to make a simple and powerful high voltage generator of about 280 000 volts.

I use the generator scheme of Marx as a basis for the experiment. I adjusted the scheme by using cheap and available details.

Interesting observations

The first is that you can feel the electrification of the air in a room. The electrostatic field strength is high that it can be felt by a single hair. The corona discharge can be observed very well. There is a beautiful blue light shed by wires and different details. You are always electrocuted, sometimes you don't understand where it comes from. You can see a sparkling touching the door, when you take scissors, you can also get electrocuted. In the darkness I noticed that different metal details that are not connected to the generator can also spark. Screw drivers, pliers and soldering copper were sparkling too. The bulbs shined on their own, without any wires. We can feel ozonic smell all over the house, as if it has just rained. Now I am developing a completely new scheme that enable getting of meter long discharges.

That's all for now, be careful when working with high voltage.

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