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How To Make A Joule Thief Step By Step Tutorial!
An Extremely Simple & Useful Circuit By - ArDweNOme -

Step by step tutorial of how to make a simple joule thief circuit.
These circuits can be extremely useful when you've only got "dead" batteries to power your devices. And make it possible for so called dead batteries to power multiple LED's when a fully charged AA cell wouldn't power even one LED!

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What You'll Need To Follow Along:

1 x Toroidal Inductor / Transformer Coil (See Other Video Link Below)
1 x NPN Transistor (I use a BC549C 19p from Maplin But Have Used Others From Old Discarded Electronic Equipment)
1 x 1K Resistor
1 x LED (or any number of LED's Try 10+!)
1 x Dead Battery
1 x Bread Board (Or A Soldering Iron To Solder The Circuit Together)
3 x Jumper Wires.

Link To Video "How To Make A Toroidal Coil":

Link To The Circuit Diagram:

There are a number of places you can find the ferrite toroids. They are inside quite a lot of Old CRT TV's, (I Found 5 Inside My Broken Portable TV!) Inside PC Power Supplies.
BUT MOST COMMON OF ALL Inside Energy Saving Light Bulbs (CFL or Compact Fluorescent Bulbs)

Tips For A More Efficient Joule Thief:

The thicker the wire you use the less energy you'll be able to drain from your dead batteries, so if you want a more efficient Joule Thief then just use as small a gauge wire as you can find or work with!
Any number of coils over 10 will be sufficient to make an operating Joule Thief so.......


They are incredibly easy to build and making the coils can be quite relaxing & therapeutic!

If you have any problems or questions just post a comment & I'll try and help you out, but you almost can't go wrong provided that you use you continuity tester on the coil. That's where most people will go wrong when they build a Joule Thief circuit.

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