How to make a metal melting foundry. MELT ALUMINUM, BRASS, GOLD, SILVER. Capable of 1800 degrees!

Here is a tutorial of how to make foundry that can melt most metals known to man. This foundry is sooo fun to run and casting molten metals is so interesting and fun. I have melted over 200 soda cans and made many ingots. I hope you guys enjoy the video and consider making one of these. YOU WONT REGRET IT. this is my first DIY video so i hope its good. I will be making more videos of me melting and making things with this foundry.

25 lb. plaster of paris
25 lb. play sand
10 qt. steel bucket
2.5 quart plastic bucket
fire extinguisher, 3 inches wide
1 inch pvc coupling
1 inch steel tubing, 12 inches long
1 inch pvc pipe, 2 feet long
4 inch u bolts

All these measurements and ideas are from Grant Thompson

You can purchase all this for about $50 at your local hard ware store.

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Enyoy :)
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