How to make a microwave kiln (Furnace) from scratch for £5

I found loads of videos on how to use this type of kiln on youtube but none on how to go about making it. So I decided to do it. Now if you are skilled enough to use it you are certainly skilled enough to make it and probably do a better job than me. It uses fire cement, vermiculite, magnetite, sugar and graphite and the only thing I had to buy was the fire cement. If you don't have any vermiculite yo can use perlite just as easily and this can be got from the net or a garden center for about £2 for a huge bag of the stuff - certainly more than you will ever need. Incidently the same process can be used to construct the tube of a muffler furnace - for those out there who are looking for ideas on how to go around Chemical Vapour Deposition at home. I might even get round to this at some future date. This thing can be used for sintering metal powders, ceramics, glass and high temperature chemistry - which is what i want it for.
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