How to make a Multipurpose Air Cannon - DIY compressed air

Make your own DIY compressed air canister / compressed air cannon. Easy to make and you can fill it with a bicycle pump! I was inspired to make my first one years ago after seeing T-shirt cannons and then the huge air cannons on Punkin Chunkin. This video demonstrates in a step by step fashion how to make the Dialed In air cannon that I have developed over the past several years. During these past years I have found many ways to modify the design as well as unique projects and uses for the cannons (I will be sharing many of these in future videos).

You will notice that I use threaded parts in several spots. You can easily substitute out for pieces that can be cemented in place which can save you a little extra money in the purchase of parts. I prefer the threaded parts because it allows me to modify designs, fix or adjust the parts and it allows me to use things like the valves interchangeably on multiple air chambers. Plus, if I don't want the cannon anymore, then I can recycle my key parts for other projects.

- 2" diameter ABS pipe (1 - 2 feet)
- 1/2" PVC pipe (1 - 2 feet)
- 1/2" male PVC adapter (SXMPT - 3 total)
- 1/2" PVC ball valve - threaded connections
- 2" X 1/2" PVC Bushing (SPGXFPT)
- 2" PVC female adapter (SXFPT)
- 2" PVC Coupling (SXS / non-threaded)
- 2" PVC plug (MPT)
- PVC Cement
- Tubeless tire valve (available in auto supply stores and auto section of some other stores)
- Pipe tape (like plumbers tape except for made for gas)

I hope you enjoy the build process and have fun with your new compressed air cannon. If you come up with some other creative uses for a pressure chamber like this, then please let me know in the comments! I'd love to hear from you.

WARNING: Always remember to use caution when making anything that involves pressure or possible projectiles and ensure that you have taken the necessary precautions to avoid problems (including but not limited to wearing protective gear as needed). This can be dangerous especially if used incorrectly or irresponsibly. You are responsible for all actions and outcomes of any project that you make and/or ways that you or others use this project or any information provided within the video. Plan ahead and do some research so that you are confident in your abilities, the risks involved as well as your local laws and regulations. Exercise caution, have responsible supervision and continue at your own risk... I want you to have fun but I am not responsible for the choices you make or the actions you take.

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