How to make a Solar Oven - Live Experiments (Ep 41) - Head Squeeze

Huw James cooks up a storm with energy from the sun.

How much solar power hits the earth:

Solar Cooking:

S'more recipe:

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What you need:
Pizza box
Black paper
Tin foil
Cling film
Digestive biscuits
Chocolate spread
G2V Star / Sun

Cut out part of the top of the pizza box and make a flap, and cover the flap with tin foil
Layer a sheet of the tin foil and black paper inside the bottom of the box
Place cling film over the gap left by the cut out flap
Make your s'more
Place inside the box and leave under a G2V star
Let the sun do its work

Our resident science demo thrill-seekers will give the YouTube audience their big science treat each week with an experiment where you can find out how to make food dance, power a light bulb with household objects and create mega smoke rings!
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