How To Make A Wood Rocket Stove - Easy & Multi-Use!

"Stove Secrets" (Ep7) - How to make a wood rocket stove using just a single log. This simple DIY stove is very easy to make and has multiple uses. Whether as a highly effective & portable camping stove, a long burning & self-sustaining one log fire, or even for use at home as a makeshift campfire to toast up a few marshmallows for a little backyard family fun.
"Stove Secrets" - Alcohol & wood stove builds, tips, tricks, and hacks for the true DIY gear junkie. No fancy or expensive tools and machinery required!
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**Giveaway Details: As my way of saying Thank You for all of the support you've so generously extended my way, I'm including a small, "secret" giveaway along with this video: A couple of my Rolled-Edge Bottle Stoves to 2 lucky people (you can see the stove via the link below). To enter, simply leave a comment as usual, and include a line at the end that says "Count me in". I'll randomly select the winners in a few weeks and get the stoves out to the winners. Best of luck! And thanks for playin' along ;-)
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