How to Make Algal Biofuel-Part 1:Growing algae at home

QIZHONG LABS presents you with its two-part tutorial on how to make your own algal biofuel.

Making biofuel has two steps, growing algae and using algal biomass to produce biofuel. This video will tell you everything you need to know about cultivating your own algae.

It is important to grow algae to fix carbon dioxide to reduce the effects of global warming. Scientists have already predicted that extreme weather conditions will persist if action is not taken. In recent years, we have seen record snowfall, deadly tornadoes, heavy flooding, and extreme drought. Everyone is affected by these events, so, it is imperative that everyone does their part in combating global warming. Growing algae is the simplest thing that one can do to fight global warming. If everybody participated in growing algae, millions of tons of carbon dioxide would be removed from the air every year. In addition to reversing the effects of global warming, growing algae also produces a large amount of algal biomass that can be used to make algal biofuel that can replace fossil fuels and improve indoor air quality.

This video has everything you need to get started cultivating your own algae and doing your part to fix the climate crisis.

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