How to make "solar cooker" (Simple Solar cooker) DIY project


This video represent procedure of how to make simple solar cookers at your home. It shows from what materials you need to built it, to how to use it and make it the most conveniances for you. We made two solar cookers: parabolic solar cooker and box solar cooker or solar owen. We reciycled and reused old materials such as antena dish, metal pieces, cooking pots.

We make this video for scool project on high scool in Slovenica at BC Naklo. We want to show with this video just how easy is to make solar cookers at home and to use them and save energy and do something for enviroment.
The total costs for both cookers was around 140€.
The parabolic solar cooker, is made from old antenna dish. We painted it and put aluminium tape over the dish to get reflect to the pot. This cooker can boil water at good contditions in 15 minutes.
Box solar cooker or solar owen
The base is made from wood. Interior is metal. Betwen this two materials is 3 centimeters of insulation foam.
Solar cooker works like an owen at home. We have to pre heat it just like real owen. We can bake in it cakes, egs,..

Please enjoy the video,..

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Mentor: Bwernarda Božnar

Authors: Rok Rozman, David in Klemen Ambrožič, Luka Švegelj, Anže Hvasti
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