How to make your own ferrofluid, microwave furnace, ferrite rods and PCB etch

I loved this experiment and it is a fine example of how curious the world is and how much can be done with jam jars and drain cleaner.

So what you will need:
Hydrochloric acid - sold as spirit of salts from a hardware store
Household ammonia - hardware store or supermarket
Wire wool - diy store
Hydrogen Peroxide - from your local chemists

Pour out some hydrochloric acid and drop the wire wool in it will dissolve to form a green solution that is iron 2 chloride. Filter it and separate it into two containers in a ratio of 2:1
Add hydrogen peroxide to the larger volume. It will go an amber colour - this is PCB etch. Mix the two iron chloride and the solution will darken. Then pour out some house hold ammonia - roughly three times as much as your mixed iron chloride solution. Pour the iron chloride solution into the ammonia and it will turn black - this is your magnetite. What you need to do now is get it out of solution. I centrifuged mine, washed it and centirfuged again - i did this three times. You can use your magnetite to make the black paint used in microwave oven furnaces by mixing it with 10% graphite and make your own microwave oven furnace or you can dry it, compact it into a rod and sinter it in a microwave to make your own ferrite rods, or you can mix it with a light oil and make your own ferrofluid. Amazing stuff.
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