How to Use LED Lighting

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Electrician Scott Caron shows new technologies and applications for LED lighting. (See below for steps.)

Steps for How to Use LED Lighting:
1. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are commonly used in flashlights and Christmas-tree lights.
2. LEDs are long lasting, super-bright, and energy efficient.
3. A standard Christmas tree light consumes seven watts of electricity per bulb. An entire string of LED lights uses just three watts.
4. Replace old incandescent bulbs with retrofit LEDs, which screw into standard lamp sockets.
5. Reflective-style LEDs come with various bases and often simply plug into the socket.
6. Recessed LEDs combine the light bulb and trim kit into one compact unit.
7. Flush mount LEDs can be connected to an existing recessed fixture, or hard-wired to a ceiling-mounted electrical box.
8. Color-changing LED rope lighting can be installed inside or along the tops of cabinets and wall units.
9. New LEDs can be controlled wirelessly through a smart phone or tablet, allowing you to adjust the intensity (brightness) or color of the light.
10. Illuminate kitchen counters with slim LED fixtures that are designed for under-cabinet installation.
11. Exterior-rated LED lights are available for installation outdoors over a patio, driveway or deck.

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