How to wire a solar watt meter

To measure the power going into your battery from your solar panel(s), put the battery on the load side and the solar/controller on the source. To measure the amount of power being used by your equipment, put the battery on the source side and the solar/controller on the load side.

In this video, I show you how simple it is to wire an inline watt meter for your solar panels. You literally just need to put it inline between your battery and charge controller. It will then tell you how much power is going into your battery (from your solar panels) and how much power you're using. Not only can you see real-time data but also historical over the day or longer - depending on the features of your watt meter.

The same wiring would be used for a wind turbine.

Sorry for the background construction noises. They're a bit too loud to edit out without affecting the quality of the spoken audio.

You'll see I have the watt meter wired to a motolite solar master battery which is a deep cycle battery produced in the Philippines.

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