How Wood Gasification Works - Heatmaster SS G-Series

Our HeatMasterSS G Series is the most efficient furnace we offer. Our innovative gasification process reduces wood consumption by up to 50% compared to a standard hot water wood furnace.

Crafted with premium workmanship and innovative design, our G Series furnaces work with any existing heating system and follow the HeatmasterSS standard.

EPA Phase 2 Qualified

This furnace exceeds EPA Phase 2 emission limits by 75% (.07 lb/mmbtu), currently the highest efficiency on the market.

Approved for indoor or outdoor use

The G100 has been specially designed to allow indoor applications, greatly improving its versatility.

Smoke Bypass

A smoke bypass system ensures no smoke comes out of the door when loading wood.

Warning Lights

Warning lights are built in for low temperatures, low water and other functions as well.

Easy Loading Firebox

Easy to Clean and Maintain

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