Video addressed to Mylow - shows the demonstration of one of the earliest linear motor types made by Howard Johnson circa 1978. John Bedini in conjunction with Tom Bearden finaggled working models from Howard on the pretense of testing them for Howard. In fact, they didn't present Howard with any test results either written or verbal, never communicated with him again, did not return phone calls and never returned the items as they promised. This is an illustration of what can happen when you get so called 'trusted scientists' to 'verify your work. Tom Bearden represented that Bedini was the one called 'Shiloh' and that Howard should entrust Bedini with the working models. Bedini claims that he never went to Howard's house but eye-witnesses say otherwise. It is thought that an Bedini sent someone in his place who then claimed to be Bedini. - - Unfortunately Mylow's (Ricky from Chicago) made a 'so called Howard Johnson motor which was in no way even similar to Howards, but used Howard's name to gain credibility. Mylow was a complete fraud with some serious psychological issues.
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