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Hutchinson Effect Explained

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Hutchison Effect Metal Samples: Description and Analysis
Author: G. Hathaway, Hathaway Consulting Services | Document Download | Product code: ZCP2009MST0667
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Classified as: Nanotechnology
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For a decade starting in 1980 this author was closely associated with amateur Canadian inventor John Hutchison. Hutchison had discovered that certain arrangements of high-voltage AC and DC generators as well as other equipment home made or salvaged from military surplus could cause severe plastic deformation, being rendered jelly-like, delamination, spontaneous de-alloying and unusual magnetic properties in metal samples. The metals most often used as samples in his experiments were commercial grade aluminum, copper, brass and various steels. Samples were typically placed on a wooden board in the center of a ring of high-voltage equipment but at ~1m (minimum) radius from the nearest apparatus. No coils or electrodes were positioned above or below the samples nor were any electrodes in contact with the samples. In some cases both the metal samples as well as non-metallic samples (eg wood, plastics, paper, organics) would levitate. The total power used by the equipment was ~1.5 KW drawn from household mains and the experiments would last from ~1/2 hr to ~6 hrs. This author as well as other witnesses attended some of the experiments and saw metal disruption as well as levitation. Films and videos of varying quality have been taken of the events. Several experts in metallurgy have concluded that the samples provided to them were not made in any conventional manner. No explanation has been found to date which covers all aspects of the "Hutchison Effect" although the charge of fakery has consistently been applied. SEM images and various analyses will be presented and samples will be available at the lecture to allow the audience to decide the veracity of the unusual origin of the effect.
From: Materials Science & Technology 2009 Conference and Exhibition (MS&T Partner Societies)
Published: October 01, 2009
Pages: 667 - 678 (12)
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