hydrogen air engine stanley meyer magnetic atom stripped

hi here is my magnetic air engine practicle it is on the same basis as stan meyer knew air is nitrogen 78 oxygen 18 hydrogen .01 and 5 noble gasses strip these with a ac/dc static unregulated pulsed spark and you will be on the way to a magnetic air engine place opposite charged salt water with rain water in block and superconductivity will take place more to come thanks to peter stevens/joe booker and others.it still has kerosene vapour but no ignition on in this video figure 8 ac to dc starter wireing also charge the sump oil positive and negative acts as a shield disributor can be magnets on flywheel at 90 degrees with a magnet as a pick up on block like a crank sensor the starter engaged by the battery becoming polarity changed (negative becomes positive and vice versa) then a stop light bulb is a trickle negative as element in bulb acts as a trickle negative source to the now positive engine block through the wireing loom to oil pressure sensor and thermostat .same as rust oxidising destroyed electrically method.then the light relay acts a sa points gap and an old regultor relay that you can adjust by screwing up or down will become the advance retard mechanism to get timing points spot on.figure 8 wireing from starter to alternator to loop feed pos and neg and with a loop knot to make a ht lead to the engine block...may be the relay acts as a condenser also but if not a washer wound in and out and around like a troid within the ht lead from the knot...finally a daniel dingle set of pulsing relays to make a potentiometer to make acceleration and deceleration as this would be the magnetic voltage spark current to make enginemagnetic air attract and repulse faster or slower.few more tweaks and all comments appreciated with logic to back comments up good or bad...ITS ALL FOR FREE FROM ME....do not need any funding as neccessity will bring this forward with knowledge and of coarse MISHAPS lost some blood already! melvin i n bolsover england you want to see live then email melwheatc@aol.com go on show me as the nay sayers say!
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