Hydrogen Enhanced Toyota Revo EFi PHILIPPINES

Probably the first HHO-enhanced Toyota Revo Sport Runner 1.8 EFi Gasoline engined SUV in the Philippines.

Hyper 7 - system 1 installed.

No Flashback Arrestor needed, No blow up valves, No Relay Switch, No PCV Valves, No PWM, No EFIE, No MAP enhancers.

THe difficult thing to do is reduce the idling speed to it's minimum. Increasing the air passage into the vacuum port after the throttle body naturally raises the idling... this is a good thing if inducing hydroxy gas is the objective. But not being able to reduce the idling speed defeats the purpose. So I adjusted the idling with the idling screw and the hydroxy inducement flow with a pressure regulator ball valve.

The ticking sound of the engine disappeared afterwards... and it was purring like an electric rotor later on... like there's no mechanical movements inside... and more silent.

It's just amazing.

The Exhaust Emission also tells you a lot how an engine is doing. Most Race Car experienced drivers do this... (whats happens inside the engine - is manifested outside the end pipe.)
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