Hydrogen Generator

PLEASE use caution if you attempt to build this generator for yourself. This generator creates an EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE GAS.
DO NOT USE SALT in your water. Many people use salt to add some electrolytic properties to the water, but salt is "Sodium Chloride" and will cause the production of "Chlorine gas" in very small amounts. Whatever you use, always operate this device in a well ventilated area.
And NEVER attempt to light the gas as it comes directly out of the tube. The flame WILL travel down the tube and cause the generator to explode. Use extreme caution. ALWAYS use a "Bubbler" to isolate the gas from the generator.
I am working on a "flame arrestor" but I have not got it completely worked out yet.
This is a hydrogen generator that is easy to build using stainless steel plates which are much more efficient than regular steel. It is also much cleaner.
Remember to be safe!!!
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