Hydroxy Glass Torch Powered by a Bob Boyce Cell

This is a video of my friend making a bead with my HHO fueled glass torch. There is NO Propane or Oxygen Tanks. All of the gas is made by splitting water into Hydrogen and Oxygen. It Produces up to 20 Litters per minute of Hydroxy Gas. The torch is running at around 5 Litters per minute for bead making. The Bob Boyce designed cell is made up of 70 8" x 8" stainless steal plates. The box Is made of 1 inch thick acrylic and was CNC machined by my brother and his CNC Bridgeport Mill. The cell is powered directly of the 120 volts AC house current and converted to DC voltage. This cell is only a prototype setup and Not a finished product. There is still many more safety devices to install and modifications to make for full time reliable use.
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