If you have LUNGS watch this. Coal vs Solar power India

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India is making efforts to come out of poverty and uplift its people. Along with food, water and shelter, there is one more key need today - that is energy! As India’s pace of development picks up, so does its hunger for electricity. The country is standing at the crossroads to make choices between dirty and deceptively cheap power vs. clean green energies. Most of the developed world has noticed and started moving away from coal power to solar power. Going for solar power makes perfect sense for India. It will stop drain on foreign exchange needed to import coal. Solar farms installations will also help in job creation.
The future of its people, especially their health, will depend on choices made today. Most of Indian cities are already suffering with vast amounts of air pollution. This video tries to highlight the problems with its current trajectory, which is coal heavy and then makes a recommendation based on facts and numbers, not just opinions.
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