[Inboard M1] Extra Battery Arrived! Full battery to empty Ride (Advanced Mode 6.4 miles)

Weather: ~68F; no wind
Terrain: mixed, some hills
M1 mode: Advanced; average moving speed 11mph
Battery #1 range to empty: 6.4 miles

Second battery has finally arrived and is working great. Was able to go 6.4miles until the board shutoff. The M1 remote vibrated for 4 minutes before shutting down.

For those that don’t know the battery level indicator on the remote, the battery level order is: 4 LEDs, 3, LEDs, 2, 1, 1 flashing LED, 1 flashing LED WITH vibration alert, M1 board shuts off.

I adjusted the camera angle wrong and didn’t check it… These are the clips that were decent..

I think if you chose the Inbaord M1, you need to get a second battery (and possibly a second charger) to double your effective range and decrease range anxiety. With two batteries, I can travel at LEAST 12 miles on two batteries in advanced mode without being gentle on the throttle. Using any lower mode or being gentle on throttle and other hypermile ttircks will only increase your range from there. Beginner mode is less than 5mph max, I kick push faster than beginner mode. Intermediate mode is a little quicker than what I wold want to cruise at. I am waiting for custom max speed and power delivery to be available. Well, first waiting for the ANDROID app to be released :)
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