indelible promise a video on geet and paul pantone


A new video is on its way on Paul Pantone and GEET titled, INDELIBLE
PROMISE. Produced and directed by Adam Abraham, who also produced
Understanding MMS: Conversations with Jim Humble, it will be packaged
as a 4-disc DVD set, and retail for $80.

The video is an outgrowth of a meeting between Abraham and Pantone at the
2011 TeslaTech Conference in Albuquerque, NM, where Paul was one of
the featured speakers. New to the GEET world, Abraham was amazed to
see a working fuel processor application - in spite of some apparent
behind-the-scenes fiddling that caused some of the engines to sputter.
However, he did witness working GEET engines, and confirm that the
ability to run an engine on something other than gasoline is real, and
not an urban myth.

More importantly, when Pantone matter-of-factly suggested that the
fuel processor was the tip of a much larger iceberg of GEET
applications that could resolve a myriad of problems we re currently
scratching our heads over worldwide, Abraham wanted to know more.
Pantone extended an invitation for him to visit his center in Oklahoma,
and INDELIBLE PROMISE is the result.

INDELIBLE PROMISE will be a revelation to many who have grown up
thinking that the technological standards of today represent the very best
possible. He describes GEET applications that could transform:

. Transportation

. Medical Practices

. Nuclear Waste Abatement

. Soil Remediation

. Ecological Concerns

. Carbon/Greenhouse Emissions

. Emergency Preparedness

. Ocean desalination GEET Style

. And many more.

Pantone also describes the principles and properties of plasma, dubbed
the 4th State of Matter (after solids, liquids, and gases), and points
out how information about this most important element has been
conspicuously missing in our education system, along with vacuum
technology, which mysteriously disappeared from many reference books
in the mid-1950 s.

His account on how the first "personal" tornados were discovered using
GEET elements will amaze you. However, his insights on how to create,
control, and inactivate full-size tornados makes you wonder how any
"public servant" would ever treat a National Treasure like a pariah.


Pantone s ordeal with the State of Utah, wherein a judge committed him
to a mental hospital, is well documented. How he cleared himself of
Hepatitis and other viruses in 21 days by natural means, is not.

Pantone s experience leads us to ask ourselves, are brilliant minds
only "brilliant" if their innovations are used for destructive
purposes? For example, is the development of the atomic bomb the only
reason that Albert Einstein is so revered today?

And yet, while Einstein couldn t or didn t figure out how to safely
nullify radioactive waste byproducts, Paul Pantone has. However, you'd
never know it from the current "environmental protection" policies that
we have in place.

INDELIBLE PROMISE is not a shoot-em-up or blow-em up film. It s just
two men, sitting by a window, next to the refrigerator. One of them is
sharing something very important to humanity. You should know what
Paul Pantone has to say. INDELIBLE PROMISE provides a glimpse into a
very possible future, IF the public wakes up enough to change what we
imagine to be possible.

The mind of Paul Pantone continues to shine as bright as the sun,
having taken all that politicians and government officials could meet
out without surrendering his integrity.


The video is currently in post-production. Scheduled shipping date is
December 1, 2011. Reserve your copy now at the introductory prices of
$60, a 25% discount off the normal retail price.

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