Infrared Heat Lamps

Originally recorded November 16, 2015.

Found these honkin' 250 watt infrared heat lamps at Lowes on clearance for $1.37! Ended up with a bunch of them.

These used to be used a lot more often in the late 70s and early 80s, and it's a shame they went out in favor of other technologies. The bulb is 100% efficient: every watt of power going in comes out as light and heat. Plus, the bulb only heats the person under it, instead of the entire room, which saves on energy.

If these lights are coupled with an in-wall wind-up timer, they cannot be accidentally left on, preventing the waste of energy. I look forward to installing these in the bathrooms in the future.

Afterwards I show another one of my fantastic ideas, which hasn't been fully thought out yet. Next step is to build the prototype and test it, which will be coming up shortly.
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