Infrastructure: City of Columbus, Converting Fleets to Alternative Fuels

In 2011 and again in 2014, The City of Columbus was named the #1 Government Green Fleet in North America.

Case Study: A #GreenPrint For Alternative Energy Leadership in Ohio.

Columbus Creates Vision to Become Top Green Fleet

In a remarkably short period of time, the city of Columbus, Ohio, has not only become a national leader in the use of alternative fuels, but has also pioneered a paradigm shift in energy, transportation and environmental efficiency.

"Clean fuels Ohio gave us the opportunity to start down this road, they provided the resources we needed to start this program. They helped us get underway"

Mayor Michael B. Coleman

Building an Infrastructure for Growth

The city was included in a 2009 Clean Fuels Ohio grant that helped fund the Midwest's first fast-fill CNG station, as well as two electric vehicle-charging stations.

"Clean Fuels Ohio has always been an advocate for us, they've helped us to consider all the alternative fuels that are available, and make the best choices for our city's operations."

Kelly Reagan, the city's fleet administrator
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