installation of 420W Solar Panels, Batteries and MPPT charge controller full DIY guide in a van

This video show step-by-step installation of 420W solar panels system on my van, with all the wiring, connecting, sealing and woodwork for finished solar power van product. This is huge 24 minute video with many annotations, detailed showing of each step and many commentaries work. LINKS TO ITEMS BELLOW

Renogy Tracer 4210 40 Amp MPPT Charge Controller -
Power TechON 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter -
Try to find AGM battery by yourself because deals on amazon not too good

Or just buy a kit like this one - (100W panel + 100Ah battery + 1500W inverter for $414) - to get all you need for a quick start without hard choosing of components

A little about cost of components i use:
MonoCr solar panel 210W — 200 euro х 2
Delta AGM 200Ah batteris — 180 euro х 2 (very lucky with that price)
MPPT controller - used for 150 euro (new for 200)
12V-220V 2kW invertor — used for 100 euro (new for 150)
aluminium tubes and bolts for roof mount - 30 euro
wood & screws - 10 euro
other electornic things - about 50 euro
All work takes me about 20 hours (in 4 days)

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