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Intelligent HVAC Systems - Explainer Video for Tibucon by Clipatize

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Client: TIBUCON Project

Consortium including: Mostostal Warszawa, University of Southhampton, E&L Architects.

If you manage or own property, you know that heating, ventilating, and cooling your building accounts for a majority of your energy bill.
Keeping everyone comfortable indoors can come at a high energy cost, and unfortunately in many buildings, a lot of that energy is wasted.
Typical heating and air control systems have a single temperature sensor. This works fine if all connected zones have the same energy balance, but this is rarely ever the case. Different sources of heat, both internal and external, cause temperatures to fluctuate. When your heating system doesn't compensate for the differences, it leads to imbalanced heating & cooling, thus energy losses.
And when a room or office is left unoccupied, your building might not always know when it's wasting energy on heating or cooling an empty room.
On top of this, HVAC monitoring systems themselves tend to require no small amount of maintenance and invasive hardware installations which all come at additional costs.
At Tibucon, we believe there is a smarter way for you to monitor and take full control of your building's thermal and ventilation systems.
Tibucon solves your heating and energy imbalances with intelligent sensors that connect directly to your HVAC actuators, so that different zones are always heated and cooled according their needs.
The sensors can detect if a room is left unoccupied and tells the system to react appropriately.
The sensor array is entirely wireless, which means there are no wires or cables, making installation quick and easy.
Once installed, each Tibucon sensor powers itself by harvesting ambient energy, eliminating the need for replaceable batteries and regular maintenance.
- And after everything is set up, the Tibucon system gives you real-time HVAC management throughout the entire building.
Tibucon's easy deployment means that virtually any building, new or old, can be quickly fitted or replaced with a better, smarter and more energy efficient HVAC system.
To learn more about how our technology can reduce your energy costs, visit tibucon.eu.

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