Inverter wired directly to solar panel

Can you connect an AC inverter directly to a solar panel? Let's find out! In this video I connect a 500 watt inverter directly to a 50 watt solar panel. The panels open circuit voltage is around 20 volts.

This is simply a proof of concept / 'can it be done' scenario. In real life you'd want to ensure you use a charge controller and battery. See my other videos for example setups.

In the video I mention using a small battery connected directly to the solar panel and then the inverter connected to the battery. Essentially making the small battery work like a capacitor. This should work fine provided you're pulling power out of the inverter while the panel is dumping it's power into the battery. But in most circumstances you should not connect a solar panel directly to a battery and instead should be using a charge controller which will regulate the voltage to a safer level for the battery.

I'm sorry for the piece of wood that can be seen to the right of the screen throughout the video. Because of technical issues, noisy traffic and general interruptions; I ended up shooting this video about 6 times. After melting in the sun for a couple of hours, I decided to just settle with this and edit it as best as possible!

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