If you are looking to invest in renewable energy, alternative energy or clean technology stocks in 2017 here are three stocks you should have on your watch list. As the technology surrounding alternative and renewable energy evolves and the price for power generation decreases the market share for renewable and clean energy will grow. Some companies solely rely on alternative and renewable energy like wind, solar, hydroelectric and geothermal. Other companies rely on a blend of clean energy production as well as conventional energy production.


As you may know, the current administration is not supporting of the subsidizing of renewable and alternative energy. There is a lot of talk about burning more coal. As a result, I don’t think investing in renewable technologies is a good short term investment but long term I could see them taking significant market share. What makes these a great long term investment as well is the fact that two of the companies on this list pay an attractive dividend!

3 Alternative/Renewable Energy Stocks to Watch in 2017

1. NRG Yield, Inc (NYSE NYLD)

This is a dividend growth oriented company currently paying an attractive 5.85% dividend. This is a company that owns, operates and acquires renewable and conventional generations as well as thermal energy infrastructure. Their generation portfolio as of December 31st 2015 is 4,559 net MW total and 124 net MW of thermal energy. The stock fell to $14.50 a share post Trump election but has since rallied to $18 a share in February of this year. This stock has an attractive dividend and a price to earnings ratio of 29.

2. Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp (TSE AQN)

This is a renewable energy and regulated utility company based out of Oakville Canada. As a Canadian company, they trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange. This company engages in the generation, transmission and distribution of utility assets in North America. Their energy portfolio consists of 120MW Hydroelectric, 1050 MW Wind, 40MW Solar and 335MW Geothermal. This utility also provides water and waste water collection. The dividend yield is 4.82% and they have a price to earnings ratio of 28. This stock has been moving in a steady uptrend since October of 2013.

3. Ormat Technologies, Inc (NYSE ORA)

This is a company that operates in the electricity and product segments. Under the electricity segment, they develop, build, own and operate geothermal and recovered energy generation plants. Under the product segment, they design, manufacture and sell turbo generators and DC generators.

“Recovered Energy Generation” – Capture unused waste heat from industrial processes and use it to generate electricity emission and fossil fuel free.

Ormat has built over 150 recovered energy generation plants producing over 2,000 MW of renewable energy. They currently pay a 0.67% dividend and have a price to earnings ratio of 30. The stock is up almost 40% compared to where it was last year.

If you are looking to make an investment in renewable and alternative energy companies, these are three that I would have on my watch list. If there are any other clean energy companies you like please share them with us in the comments below!

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