Iron Edison & Schneider Electric -- Solar & Battery Systems Webinar PART 1

In part 1 of the Iron Edison and Schneider Electric webinar, learn about the Iron Edison Battery Company and the Schneider Electric XW+ Solar and Inverter product line.

We cover the following types of energy storage systems: Nickel Iron (NiFe), Lithium Iron (LiFePO4), and Lead Acid batteries.

We also introduce the Schneider Electric product line for off-grid and grid tie battery backup solar energy systems. The products we cover are the XW+ 6848 and 5548 inverters, XW+ 60 Amp and 80 Amp MPPT solar charge controllers, System Control panel (SCP), Auto Generator Start (AGS), Internet monitoring with the Schneider ComBox and Insight portal, and also the Schneider Power Distribution Panel (PDP).

Please send any questions to info@ironedison.com, we are always happy to help!

Iron Edison Nickel Iron solar batteries:

Iron Edison Lithium Iron solar batteries: http://ironedison.com/lithium-batteries

Iron Edison complete solar + battery systems (off-grid or grid-backup):
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