ITB CSR Day - Climate Change: Mitigation Strategies For The Global Tourism Industry (EN)

The challenges of global climate change are justifiably being given even more scrutiny in recent political, social and economic discussions. The global tourism industry is both responsible for and affected by climate change – an active discussion about climate change is therefore essential. Which tourism regions are especially affected by climate change? How should transportation systems be enhanced, so that a climate-friendly transport of tourists can take place? What needs to take place in the hotel industry so that, for example, customer comfort and energy efficiency are no longer mutually exclusive?

Introduction & Moderation:
Prof. Dr. Stefan Gössling, Sustainable Tourism Researcher, Lund University Sweden

Panel guests:
Andreas Koch, Managing Director, blueContec GmbH
Prof. Paul Peeters, Associate Professor Sustainable Transport and Tourism, NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, Member of the ICAO/CAEP Working Group on Fuel Efficiency Standards in Aviation
Moosa Zameer Hassan, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Tourism, Maldives
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