Joe Cell - Alex Schiffer - Stage 3 (Breeding Cell)

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It takes a great deal of skill to get stage 3, and it took me 8 months to figure out how to do it consistently. I would love to help you. I solved many of the issues that plague the Joe cell construction, and charging process, and made it very simple.

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I put together all the information available on the Joe cells and compiled a massive eBook. If you are interested in running your car on water, or simply want to assist your gas mileage with something far more durable and better than a dry cell HHO device, I encourage you to take a look at the Joe cell. I developed a method that you can use to boost fuel economy by using a Joe cell as a booster cell, on a stock engine, without any special electronics.

Here is a direct link to my Joe Cell Secrets eBook which teaches you how to easily get to stage 3. It includes 5 videos showing working Joe cells, including a Joe cell running an engine without any gasoline whatsoever. Construction blue prints, and detailed water charging instructions are included.

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