John Bedini 10 Coil Radiant Energy Replication with 6 Testing - Capacitors (free energy test)

Update on the John Bedini radiant energy technology with a 10 coiler that currently has 6 coils for free energy testing.

Another test shows 6 magnets with 1 trifilar coil. this test shows charging a capacitor and dumping to a battery.

Another test shows John Bedini's 3 coil kit.

A picture of Rick's new kit that uses a reed switch to flag the capacitor dumping using a 4th coil that charges it.

With over $5,000 and 1 year invested into John Bedini technology testing, I have confirmed that Bedini's technogy does generate radiant energy high voltage spikes that charge batteries. His technolgy does show that we get more energy out of the charged battery than we put into it. However, in all of my testing, I have never proven any overunity when we take the cost of the powering battery into consideration.

On average, it take me twice as much power put into the system using the powering battery as what I can get out of the charged battery. However, recent testing using a charge capacitor and dumping to a charge battery has shown a break-even. This break even means the cost of the power battery does is even with the benefit of the charge battery.

I plan to expand the John Bedini technolgy testing using capacitors. A forum member visited John Bedini and was informed that the impedance matching problems are eleminiated if we use a capacitor because the impedance of the capacitor is very low.

I will keep you informed of my progress with capacitors.
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