John C Bedini Motors Closeup from 2005. Original 1984 Tesla Switch

John C Bedini Motors Closeup Video. Some details may be shown here for the first time. Showing every detail of the Bedini 6, 10, and 12 coilers as well as motor used for the TUV test which used neo magnets and which we improved upon in my 3 pole kit. Also Bedini's original Tesla Switch box demonstrated at the 1984 Tesla Symposium. Pictures and Video taken by Rick Friedrich July 2005.

After more than a year of studying Bedini and related systems, spending endless time on the phone and email with John, and starting several related forums, I filmed the following video and pictures at the Post Falls shop that was prior to the Hayden Idaho shop. There is a lot more information like this small sample. A few years later John actually worked for me and I moved out there to help him out. I carefully examined everything in their museum over the years there, even Howard Johnson's magnetic train, as well as many other systems not shown to the public, such as many documents, motors and solid state systems. In all of that, at the end, I realized that even though there were many incredible things there, these were nearly all borrowed ideas of others. I really didn't see myself as learning from John but with him from what others had passed down. I really hope people move away from putting people like Tesla and others up so high that they belittle their own contributions to scientific advancement.

As for the Tesla Switch box shown here, John said that someone messed with it soon after the demo and he never touched it again. I suspect that at that time he learned that it ruined batteries so he didn't bother to run long tests on it (this is implied in what he said at my 2010 Renaissance Convention that I showed him saying the Watson machine ruined batteries). John had a tendency to not do sufficient testing of things and also make systems and chargers that killed batteries which is one the of the primary reasons why I parted from him.

The view in Hayden Idaho is almost unparalleled in the US. I loved being there. I regret many things done out there but not the area.
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