Joule thief dark sensing solar rechargeable night light

I plan to stuff the electronics of this latest version of my do it yourself joule thief solar light into the housing of a store bought solar light. This version of my rechargeable light uses 1 AA eneloop battery. I was able to combine my joule thief circuit with my dark sensing circuit to make a solar light. There are many different ways to make this kind of light and I enjoy the experimentation. This is nothing new here as most store bought solar lights use a similar but more elegant circuitry. The 2 sets of inductor coils are separately wounded and I added a capacitor across the legs of the LEDs. I hope mine works better and if not I can always improve upon it. Initially, the light will be charged by a 100ma 6 volt solar panel. All I need now is the battery holder which will be coming soon.
If you are interested in the circuitry or the making of these lights, I have the link to my video playlist here:

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