Joule Thief: JTBasic with 24 White LEDs and Long Runtime, Scoposcopy

I took the suggestion of a watcher and sacrificed my LED flashlight to get a bunch of white LEDs. I modded the board to produce a circuit that has one row of 12 parallel LEDs in series with the other row of 12 parallel. Before, they were just all in parallel. Now they need at least 5 volts to light up well.
I charged the 3 Farad capacitor bank to just a hair under 1.5 volts with the Topward regulated supply, then ran the JT until the lights got pretty dim. Some looks at the scopetraces show one or two interesting features.
Still working up to making quantitative measurements..... But I'm more or less happy with the runtime and the LED brightness. Room for improvement exists. I think I'll go pour myself a glass of Divine Wine and relax... it's been a long evening.
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