Joule Thief Light Inverter Charger

I've made a few of these in the past following xee2vids JT setup using a 12v Radio Shack transformer.

I basically took that general setup and turned it into a battery charger.
It has become a common circuit for me to make whenever I come across a good 12v/120v transformer. It's like a dirty variable power supply as well as a battery charger for a wide variety of cells.
Right now I'm keeping one on the desk for battery charging, but I also have another fan I keep hooked to the output and it's a nice way to keep cool on hot days where I can easily control the speed.

I've always been able to use these circuits to get bright mains lighting from 12v input but this particular beefy transformer seems to work the best so far when it comes to lighting mains bulbs.
The choke was important in keeping the draw down and the light output high.

It was a battle over the 3055 tranny between this circuit and my previous Joule Ringer. This circuit won just because they both operated roughly the same except for the adjust ability of this circuit and the charging option.
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