Joule Thief motor - 7 strand coil

See description:

A standard Joule Thief circuit, using a 2SD879 transistor, 1K resistor, white LED.
It features a trial of the Fibonacci toroid that i've come up with. 34 turns on one side, 13 on the other. The join of the two is the positive battery connection.
The copper gauges are intended to create an equal amount of copper in both windings,
The circuit also has a 7 strand coil on it, as recently experimented with in other videos. Only this coil will work on the circuit...i;ve tried about half a dozen others, from self wound to relays, none work for some reason except the 7 strander.

The reed switch controls the switching and is connected to the positive of the battery, such that, the whole circuit switches on and off rather than just the coil. It means better energy usage and also allows switching the circuit off by removing the rotor.
Rotor is from the FanGen unit and is heavy, with 6 North outward facing magnets.

Power used at 1.2V is 25mA

Experiments will follow to see what may be able to be collected from the collapsing rotor powering coil.
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