Joule Thief: NE-2 Rattler, Full-Wave Bridge to Power Ring Oscillator

I made a simple ring oscillator out of 5 x NE-2s, 5 x 1.0 uF poly caps, 5 x 220K resistors, a single 220 uF 200 volt accumulator cap and a fullwave bridge of 1n4002 diodes.

The oscillator runs really well on the output of the lasersaber-gadgetmall-TK variant JT at 6 volts input and about 150 mA. I don't like to go to higher input voltages because the ring oscillator flashes too fast and the high voltage risks the accumulator cap and the bridge diodes, so I try to keep the output of the JT to around 400 v p-p or less. But I do briefly show the oscillator running on the full output, 18 volts, from the Elenco power supply.
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