Joule Thief PLUS Crystal Radio Equals ???

What happens when you cross a Joule Thief with a Crystal Radio? Here it is. A free energy light?

OK, it's not very bright, but it's a first attempt. Maybe I could charge a capacitor? Small battery? Operate a remote weather station?

I wonder what other broadcast bands have to offer for power?

- I thought it would work better if I removed the earphone. It does not work at all.
- Added big and small capacitors around the circuit to try to boost output = no improvement.
- The joule thief coil is 11 turns main and 21 turns for transistor
- The position of my hands and body influence the output.
- It works better without a ground and just the antenna. Update: it can be made to work both with and without ground. See the next note.
- I tried a 365 pF air cap to connect the ground and a small amount of capacitance between ground and radio helps noticeably.
- An hour after I made the video I was showing an friend and it barely lit up. I originally suspected I was picking up AC interference from the house wire, but the brightness was clearly connected to the radio loudness and there was no significant interference. It could be as simple as the most powerful local station changing power levels at different times of the day. I've got a lot of trying to see what is going on. Update: it does change with the time of day.

- Joule Thief
- Crystal Radio

20150798: update. It's been raining lately and I can only get the tiniest flicker from the JT. I suspect my antenna is wet / grounding when it rains. I think the antenna is very important.

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