*Joule Thief Power Tube Revisited*

This is my JT Power Tube that did not work in my first video attempt a little while ago. My theory of Inductive Feedback to the battery, using the battery as a core was disproved by Lidmotor and Slider. Oh well, it was worth a try. By adding a ferrite rod as a core my circuit works just fine and lights a 3 watt led module very well. I made no changes to the circuit other than I used a ferrite rod for the core instead of the battery. I can also tune the circuit by moving the core in and out. Also, due to the high frequency, I do not get shocked by this circuit. (Do not try this at home) This circuit is putting out over 500 volts. Thank you for watching. I really appreciate it.


PS This circuit is using Lidmotor's Jeanna's Light circuit with a few modifications. Schematic at end of video.
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