Joule Thief Revisited Pt. 2 1.22V @ .5A (.6 Watts) Very Good Light

Swapping in a second lamp, and a bigger NPN (TIP41) I was able to really get this joule thief to blast out enough light to consider it a "room light" -- and still well under 1 watt of power consumption. This, for me, is an accomplishment on a few levels, because 1. It is warm white light, not bright white clinical light 2. It can run off a single battery or supercap with no need to run supercaps in series (thus diminishing their capacity) 3. It is actually enough light to truly "work with". the size of the inductor and the transistor combo is good, and as well, the pot is fully usable allowing you to lower power consumption to under 50 mA.
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