Joule Thief running on peltier powered merely by our body heat alone

This is the revised project of my earlier posting 45mV Joule Thief.
The only changes i made to this circuit is the capacitor reduced from 50farad to 1000uf and added normal peltier(Not those designed to generate electricity-TEG)
Peltier was able to produce 81mV merely using heat from hand(36.5c) against room temperature(30c) without connecting to circuit.Imagine if your living in cooler country where the temperature difference will be greater hence more voltage or better still using dedicated peltier design to be used as generator.
Potential application could be peltier strapped onto wrist with tiny heatsink on top or
peltier mounted in hat with tiny heatsink on top or back.Then power generated could be used to charge or power portable devices.
Video was filmed using Sony Alpha Nex-5N camera
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