Katherine Voss of ODVA on Optimization of Machine Integration

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Katherine Voss of ODVA on Optimization of Machine Integration, A Shared Vision for Machinery Integration in the Manufacturing Sector. This video was recorded at the 2012 ARC World Industry Forum in Orlando, FL.

Transforming Manufacturing with OPC UA: From Embedded to the Enterprise
Industry standards have transformed manufacturing by pro-viding a solid foundation for truly interoperable solutions. The need for information integration in order to achieve manufacturing excellence is the business justification for suppliers to bring interoperable products to market — and end users to apply these products — in solutions that range from embedded devices to the ERP space.
Manufacturing is enjoying a period of great innovation, with technologies that are evolving into a multitude of products. There is even talk of using smart consumer devices in appli-cations that span industrial automation and beyond. The key question is how do all these opportunities for information integration and technical innovation come together into solutions that are secure and interoperable? How does one take the multitude of applications and devices on a variety of different platforms and have them work together in a reliable, predictable fashion?
The OPC Foundation, in conjunction with end users and vendors, has been actively engaged in industrial automation, building automation, and smart grid applications that answer the integration challenge. This two-part workshop presents an overview of the best industry practices to leverage OPC technology standards and infrastructure throughout the organization, from embedded components to enterprise planning systems.
This workshop is for end users, system integrators, OEMs, and suppliers who want to learn how their companies can gain a competitive edge with OPC UA solutions. Find out how the OPC UA standard has become the interoperability foundation trusted by leading companies as their integration platform.
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