Killer Joule Thief 12v - 220v 16,25,60 Watt light - Quest for Overunity Free Energy Part 2

Quest for Overunity and Free energy Part 2

Finally got some starting results, can light up 16Watt, 25Watt, and 60Watt light bulbs.

No overunity yet, but it is a start :) next to test is to hookup my signal generator build with a 555 timer, and using a tv flyback for hopefully extra power

When i dont use a battery, and connect a 12v laptop adapter i can light up the light with only 1 wire and myself touching one end of the light, i will film that also

circuit drawing i still have to make and i will post it as soon as all is stable or better

Thnx for Watching!

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Parts used:
1 x 2n3055 transistor
1 x 12v 7Ah battery
1 x half part of TV yoke / Ferrite
and some high power wires
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