Lafayette Geothermal Heating & Geothermal Heat Pump

Lafayette Geothermal Heating & Geothermal Heat Pump
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In this video you’ll learn How to efficiently Heat and Cool Your Property... Using the Earth's Groundwater! All while taking advantage of thousands in savings thanks to federal incentives.

Discover How You Can slash Your Operating Costs with an Efficient Geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning System. How would you like to keep your home or commercial property at the perfect temperature all year long... all while cutting your heating, cooling, and hot water costs up to a whopping 80%?

And what if you could also reduce wasted energy and toxic exhaust emissions... just by utilizing the Earth's most abundant, natural, and pure resource to heat and cool your home?

What you're about to discover will reinvent everything you thought you knew about heating and air conditioning... because now you can stay comfortable with the most efficient geothermal heat pump system in the industry – one that is up to 6 times more efficient than your existing system!

Ordinary heat pump systems adjust the comfort level of your home by drawing from the surrounding air. The problem with this is that the air temperature fluctuates greatly, making it difficult to heat or cool very efficiently.

Geothermal heat pump systems pull from the surprisingly stable temperatures below the Earth's surface. You see, the ground absorbs and stores about one half of the sun's energy each day. This keeps temperatures underground moderate and consistent year-round.

A geothermal heating and cooling system takes advantage of the stable temperatures underground by using a piping system known as a "loop." This loop contains water that circulates underground and delivers heating and cooling to your home directly from the Earth so you stay comfortable more easily and affordably.

Take advantage of the 30% tax credit available on any geothermal system by calling the number on this video today!

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