Lamina Flow Stirling Engine 900+ rpm

This single piston stirling engine is a slight modification of the ted warbrooke design, At the piston end I have mounted a heat sink, This provides a long running time, On one baby food jar of metho, it will run between 1.5 to 2 hours, at 900rpm.
Where the flame is positioned, is where the inner pipe and fine steel wool
End caps are from plumbing/hardware store, SSpipe is also from hardware store, (Railing tube).
Brass inner pipe obtained from hobby shop, I used a cheap blow torch, to silver solder inner pipe to endcap, at the piston end.
The piston, is graphite, (airpot) 16mm in diam. Used J-B weld epoxy to attach glass cylinder to pcb board cut with holesaw, about 6 of them joined together to form the base for the cylinder.
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