Large $50 Mini Homemade Metal Foundry Furnace Forge propane or charcoal DIY Aluminum Casting Pt. 4

Part 4: First Firing, Melting & Casting Aluminum into a YouTube Play Button to Celebrate Surpassing My First 1,000 Subscribers in 1 Year! Thank You to all that Continue to Follow me on this journey!

Look back at previous videos to see How I made my large mini home foundry forge to melt Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Silver, & Gold... and to forge Iron & Steel.
This design allows for use with charcoal or later adding a propane burner torch to make it gas powered.

*PART 1 Foundry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpzAb4enSCk
*PART 2 Lid & Blower https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYOLxqN5P-k
*PART 3 Crucible Tongs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pY4MGMaAtM

I made my blower air intake on the bottom to maximize efficiency and even heat distribution.

How to make a Large $50 Mini Homemade Metal Foundry Furnace Forge propane or charcoal DIY

$28 Professional A6 Clay Graphite Crucible
$18 Plaster of Paris (2 gallons)
$ 4 Bag Of Perlite
FREE Play Sand (from sandbox)
FREE Air intake tube (old recycled car intake)
FREE 2x Plastic Planter Pots
FREE Recycled Blower Motor

Plaster of Paris begins to cure as soon as you mix the water in it, hardening to an unworkable state in 3 minutes to as little as just 30 seconds, so plan ahead and Do Not mix more then you can evenly mix and pure in a few minutes!

The extreme high heat associated with and risk of severe burns makes this extremely dangerous. Attempt at your Own risk!
I am not a professional, just a hobbyist.

Final Thoughts: If planning on using the backyard foundry heavily I would opt for refractory cement, clay, Kaowool, or other ceramic fiber insulation, in order to promote heat retention and longevity but if just looking to try out and do only a few melts then this mix will suffice.

Goodluck & God Bless!
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