Large-Scale Vortex Generator from President Water Amazes Dairy Farmer

Sean Mallett, who runs Harmony Organic Dairy, had done quite a bit of research into the nature of water. Multiple sources, going back over 100 years ago, presented evidence suggesting that all "wet" states of water weren't equal.

More to the point; the well water that he relied on to support the grasses that the cattle of his organic feeds upon, may not be optimal. In other words, there may be higher levels of efficiency available that he might not be reaching due to the "normal" state of his water.

Upon meeting and speaking with Adam Abraham, Sean decided to take the step from "research' to direct experience, when he agreed to have a vortex generator made to accommodate the 10" line that sends 2,500 GPM of water to two "pivot" irrigation systems, 1/4 mile away.

This video tells what happened.

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